WORKSHOP #1 / 10:45 - 11:30 AM


Beholding God in a World of Distraction: There is so much competing for our attention. Our lives are filled with so much noise. It is difficult to behold God if we cannot be still and know Him. This workshop will explore the how to have an effective “quiet time” in a world filled with noise and distraction. — Angelo Palma, Pastor

Beholding God in the Darkness of Sin and Guilt: God’s judgment is real and my sin really deserves his wrath. How does seeing God in his judgment help me to deal honestly with sin and lead to a life of repentance and change? Come behold God’s grace and learning how to preach the gospel to myself in the midst of my struggle with sin. — Dan Terracciano, Pastor at Lincroft Bible Church

Behold the God Who Is With You: God is not absent in suffering. God sees. God knows. But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Come behold the God who is with you and learn how to find hope in the midst of suffering and how to help others who are suffering. — Matt Lau

Beholding God in Worship: Congregational singing is one of the unique ways that we behold God as we rehearse the truths about God together through music. In this workshop we will actually sing together and consider what the words we sing mean and how they lead us behold God. — Equip Worship Team


WORKSHOP #2 / 2:00 - 2:45 PM


Beholding God Leads to Being Bold for God: Knowing God in his judgment and in light of the good news of his salvation motivates us to share with family, co-workers, and classmates. But what does this actually look like? How does the gospel help us overcome fear and uncertainty? How do we actually share the gospel? Come and learn how to be a faithful witness for Christ in your conversations with others. — Kevin Doucett, Missions Pastoral Intern at Grace Bible Church

Beholding the Mercy of God: God is rich in mercy and is compassionate toward those who are lost, marginalized, and oppressed. God has moved toward us in Christ and welcomed us through the gospel and that challenges us to move out toward others. This workshop will consider how the gospel leads us to practically serve the needs of the poor, marginalized, and oppressed. — Dan Terracciano, Pastor at Lincroft Bible Church

Beholding God through Bible Study: In a “me-focused” culture, it’s easy to approach the Bible as if it’s all about me! This workshop walks through how to study scripture with a God-centered focus and discover God’s attributes through your own study of the word. My hope is to provide practical tools for equipping women to confidently study God’s word so that they might know Him more fully and love Him more deeply. *Note this workshop is for women only. — Emily Terracciano

Small Group Discussion: This workshop is an opportunity for processing all of the messages and content given thus far. We will also be considering how we can practically apply what we have learned and how to share it with others. — Jim Quigley, Pastor at Coltsneck Community Church