#1  |  OBSTACLES TO MISSION  |  9:30-10:30am


Dealing with Distraction: How does technology & social media disrupt my ability to serve God? We check our phone every 4.3 minutes. Social media is an ever present reality. What kind of impact does our constant connectedness have on our faith and our ability to serve God effectively? It will take biblical wisdom to skillfully navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly of technology and social media to live undistracted lives in the service of Christ and His kingdom. 

Ryan Hawkins // Jr High Room  


Dealing with Defeat: How to overcome guilt & shame for the purposes of God’s glory & global cause. Countless young adults don’t step into God’s call because of the shame of current or past failure. We often feel like we are damaged goods because of past compromise and so we feel that we cannot step into opportunities to join God on mission. This workshop explores biblical means for dealing with defeat and how by God’s grace we can overcome our past and present sin and be part of God’s purpose for us in Christ.

Dan Terracciano // Upper Elementary Room


Dealing with Suffering: Why persevering through trial is essential to God’s mission. Trials and suffering in life can submarine us and make us feel that we can never do great things for God. But, the Bible teaches that suffering is inevitable--in fact, a regular part of the Christian life. What does the Bible teach about how to persevere through trial and how despite trial we can still be part of God’s purpose in the world.

Jim Quigley // Youth Room


#2  |  BEING BUILT UP FOR MISSION  |  2:15-3:15pm


The Church: Committing to the local church as a means of indispensable growth. God calls us to be His merely as individuals. He called us to be part of a people. The Bible never conceives of a Christian who is not connected, or membered, to a local body of believers. God’s plan for you and your growth and flourishing is through a deep commitment to His church. This workshop explores why committing to the church is indispensable for your growth and the unique opportunities and challenges that brings in the young adult years.

Sergio Fossa // Upper Elementary Room


Scripture: The Anchor for Our Soul. Why does doctrine matter? Unhealthy doctrine can destroy a person’s faith and it can destroy God’s church. Doctrine isn’t just for pastors or old crusty theologians. Sound doctrine matters because it teaches us how to see and behold Christ so that we might become like him and that the church can flourish under God’s good design.

Chris Durkin // Jr High Room


Speaking the Truth in Love (Part 1): How do I have authentic relationships with other believers? People are lonelier than ever, but this should not be the case for the people of God. God has not designed the Christian life to be lived alone and deep relationships are essential to a life of mission. This workshop will explore how the gospel moves us toward one another as we learn to speak truthfully to one another in order that we might be deeply known and yet loved for who we are and who we are becoming in Christ.

Nick D'Angelo // Youth Room


#3  |  BEING SENT OUT ON MISSION  |  3:30-4:30pm


Doing the Work of the Ministry. How do I actually leverage my life and work for God’s purposes in the world in everyday work and life? How do I live out my faith in the work place? We are not called to be Christians just on Sunday mornings, but rather, our whole lives are to glorify God. This workshop will discuss how we can exemplify Christ at work, home, or wherever we may be.

Kachung Wong // Upper Elementary Room


Speaking the Truth in Love (Part 2): How do I have authentic relationships with unbelievers? Friendship and community are essential to faithful Christian witness. This workshop will explore how to communicate the gospel in your everyday relationships.

Jim Cagliostro // Youth Room


Understanding and Using My Gifts: God gives each of us in Christ a spiritual gift to be used to serve the church and the world. God doesn't send us on mission without equipping us to the task. You have been gifted and sent. But how do I understand and use my giftedness? How can I leverage God's gift for God's glory in the church and in the world? This workshop will explore a biblical perspective on spiritual gifts and the way in which we utilize our gifts as people sent by God on mission.

Pastor Dennis Przywara // Jr. High Room